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In Person Counselling or Online

I offer an inclusive and accommodating approach including in -person or virtual services I will liaise with other supports at your request as well as provide outreach/mobile services to meet you where you are at. Client autonomy and self- determination is the utmost importance in our partnership which puts you in the driver’s seat of your own wellness plan. In addition, I am a strong advocate and can assist in the areas of human rights along with navigating complex systems.

Our Services

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I utilize a strength- based person- centered eclectic approach with a distinction on the here and now as well as quality of life. While celebrating your success I facilitate opportunities for you to recognize your internal and external strengths as well as generate your own strategies to overcome obstacles, strengthen resilience, and drive transcendence.

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Creative Wellness

Expressive art is not about skill level or perfectionism, instead, it is an adventure. The intuitive nature of this practice facilitates an opportunity to engage in self-exploration and emotional release. It can create a deeper understanding of the inner self, convey storytelling and strengthen resilience.

Trauma Informed Personal Training

As a Certified Trauma Informed Personal Trainer and Registered Social Worker, I skip the traditional perspectives in personal training including weight loss, competitions and one repetition maximums. Instead with a holistic approach, I meet you where you are at in your fitness journey through facilitation of choice and safety while creating opportunity for a deeper understanding of the internal state of one’s body. We will collaborate together to increase your window of tolerance as it relates to self movement while developing strength, mastery, confidence and independence

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You have already made the first and most critical step by reaching out for support. Let’s celebrate your success and continue on with your journey to wellness. Together we will pursue an innovative holistic approach to your recovery as well as quality of life. Counselling services with me are covered by a number of insurance plans yet it is important to confirm with your provider if your specific plan provides the coverage.